Email Marketing

Future Valley have ability to provide GCC countries E-mails marketing.if customer require for email marketing in Dubai rather than other countries. we can provide to customers CDs and software are available for Email Marketing. (Rapid Emailer license software are available)

Software Features are available as below:

      • Allows attachments, embedded images, HTML and Text alternative all within the same email.

      • Command Line support for sending Email Campaigns.

      • Supports Embedded images.

      • Multiple threads, sending up to 200 emails at the same time.

      • Built-in SMTP Server.

      • Send personalized emails.

      • Send multiple file attachments in MIME format.

      • Alternative MIME format can send HTML and Text to allow email clients to choose which format.

      • Include each recipients name, email address and number in the order sent into the body or subject of the

      • Include random numbers, random letters, Date, Time and Campaign Name into the body or subject of the

      • Can do an MX query and send email directly to recipients host.

      • SMTP server support.

      • SMTP Server overload protection.

      • You can set the importance or priority of the emails.

      • Large Email List capability.

      • Very easy Wizard interface.

      • Wildcard support in exclusion lists.

      • You can save as many Email Campaigns as you like.

      • All settings are stored for each campaign.

      • Previous campaign can be recalled very easily.

      • Email Campaigns can easily be backed up.

      • Many types of Email Lists are supported.

      • Send Attachments.

      • You can track emails viewed by using code.

      • You can track links viewed by using code.

      • Creates a Failed recipient list.

      • Creates a Successful recipient list.

      • You can choose how many times to retry a failed send.

      • One button to retry failed recipients.

      • Status for each and every thread.

      • Very fast emailing.

      • Free updates.

      • Easy to use and great looking interface.