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Yes, we do. Please visit our " website" section to host your web sites.

There are advantages in implementing Flash components into your web site, but we do not recommend planning the whole architecture in Flash, as its more difficult to expand and enhance functionality later. Additionally, there are some limitations in search engine visibility if a site is built entirely in Flash.

Future Valley Technology is experienced in the following programming languages and applications: HTML, Java, JavaScript, Active Server Pages (ASP), ASP.NET, Java Server Pages (JSP), DHTML, AJAX, Cold Fusion, CGI/Perl, XML, PHP, Oracle Database Server, Microsoft SQL Database Server, Flash, and others. All technologies will be non-proprietary, mainstream, and will rely on open architecture.

When applicable, our Content Management System (CMS) allows you to make changes to your site without any programming knowledge and reduces ongoing maintenance costs. However, for any issues that may arise, or for updates that are not covered through your CMS, we have dedicated Customer Service and Updates departments to handle issues and modifications in a reliable, timely fashion.

While Future Valley Technology is a full-service Web site development company offering design, development, hosting, and maintenance services. We do require that each client provide us with any desired content in an electronic format. In order to maintain a timely development schedule, content should be provided by the specified deadline.

While choosing to partner with Future Valley Technology, you will be paired up with a dedicated Project Manager who will oversee a team of developers until your Web site is launched. Here at Future Valley Technology. we rely on our extensive Intranet system for the management of several areas of our business to facilitate internal communication and progress. One area of our Intranet is used by our Project Managers to ensure the proper management of a project—a step-by-step system, which has proven to keep projects running smoothly over the years. Of course, successful project management also relies on clear and continual communication between Future Valley Technology and the client. During initial meetings, your project manager will work with you to determine the best method of keeping you up-to-date as the project progresses and, shortly after the kick-off meeting, you will be provided with a detailed project plan that will outline the scope of the work and key milestones. As development progresses, you will be provided with graphic design previews and a beta site, which rely on your feedback, approval, and testing. Indeed, keeping your project on task is a mutual effort !

Yes if desired, Future Valley Technology will gladly work with your marketing department or advertising agency for graphic development to ensure that your Web site is properly communicating your brand. However, this third-party involvement can influence the length of the graphic design process.

When beginning to investigate our Web development services, you will be paired up with one of our experienced account representatives. He/She will be matched with you according to your industry, the needs of your project, and your physical location, In an effort to make communication and understanding both easy and rewarding. The goal of the account representative is to work with your organization to develop a strategy for achieving a successful Web presence, and to provide you with detailed information about our services, pricing, and timeline, as it applies to your project. There is no cost for this initial consultation and we look forward to beginning discussions with you. Please contact us at (966-38672133) or by e-mail at

Unfortunately, this is not an easy answer due to the unknowns associated with evolving search engine behavior. However, in our experience, new domains typically achieve search engine visibility approximately six to nine months after launch of the site. Your site may obtain visibility in Yahoo! and MSN prior to Google, due largely to initial aging delays that withhold new Web sites from Google for a length of time before indexing. While Saudisoftech develops Web site to be compatible with search engine indexing technology, there may be unavoidable delays in obtaining organic visibility. During this delay, focus on your offline and pay-per-click advertising to drive traffic to your site.

Yes Future Valley Technology can develop sites in alternate languages. Any languageis possible and you may choose to provide us with the translated content or let us translate your content for you. Indeed, our Content Management System can be built to easily accommodate updates to each version of your site.

For all intents and purposes, yes. Well ask you to promise not to turn your.self into a web development company and compete with us, but yes, if you decided at some point to part ways with Future Valley Technology, you be able to take your web site with you - graphics, programming, databases and etc.

Yes Future Valley Technology does provide search engine marketing services. Any developm.

Future Valley Technology currently employs more than 10 professionals.the majority of which are located in the Khobar headquarter, where all our Web site development happens. With over 10 people on staff, our organization is able to serve you with dedicated departments and development teams to ensure your online success.

Not at all! Sure, we work with Fortune 500 companies and some pretty big organizations, but we also work with a lot of small and medium sized businesses. Some of our best and most successful clients started out as one-person companies! Of course, one of the big advantages of partnering with drilling companies while you are just starting off is that you wont have to shift companies as you get larger. We know what works and what doesnt, so we can help you grow according to YOUR schedule.

A Like anything, a good Web site takes time Because Future Valley Technology focuses.on custom solutions. we need to work with you to develop your site to meet your needs. Its a very interactive process that will evolve into a fantastic web site for your organization. That being said to build a Web site properly and thoroughly, you can expect an average timeline of 6~8 weeks. Many sites will take longer due to their complexity, but one of the first things that we deliver is a detailed timeline for the project. With solid communication from our clients, we meet each stage of the project and deliver our web sites on time and within budget.

Yes we use Flash and animations to make a web site more appealing.

Yes. We can password protect content in specified folders of your web site.

Yes, we have flatbed scanners, digital cameras and more to help digitize the pictures provided by you.

Yes Our Hosting Server support the Latest Android Technology and Mactonish application.

Definitely, Future Valley Technology is skilled in all types of online marketing, includ.

Future Valley Technology offers flexible hosting packages that are geared towards ea.

Customer watch out for requirements document, a development methodology, clear and excellent communicatio. channels and have ability to understand and think ahead of project model.

Future Valley Technology hosts a veritable basket of web-development, designing and web-hosting service provider whi.

ch are considered a viable outsourcing option today. What we offer is a strategic initiative to cut costs and access to intellectual capital not available in house at your end.

Yes While it is not a requirement, we do host about 90% of our clients in our. multi-million dollar data centers, which ensure the reliability and security of our clients Web sites. Our hosting facilities are structured to handle more than 1,00 servers and offer both shared and dedicated hosting environments. All servers are backed up nightly and in case of any outages, we have battery-powered and natural gas generators to power the centers indefinitely.

Streaming is a protocol that enables the user to watch the video shortly after clicking the link. You are requesting pieces of video as you watch it, and nothing is saved to your hard drive. By downloading a video, you must wait until the whole file is copied locally before you can watch. And you will have to remove the file yourself once you are done watching. Each protocol has its pros and cons, so the best choice depends on the type of web site or content you are offering.

Absolutely Flash is one of the most versatile and capable platforms of content delivery on the web. Its by far one of the most browser compatible players, and we recommend that Flash is at least considered for interactive components, and even for certain dynamic content.

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